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Coin Symbols

Land a Coin for a chance to increase your win!

The Bronze Coin awards 1x -5x bet.

The Silver Coin awards 6x - 15x bet.

The Gold Coin awards 20x - 50x bet.

When Collect symbol lands on reel 5, the total value of all the Coins on the reels is awarded.

Collect Symbol

A Collect symbol includes a 1x – 5x multiplier. The multiplier is applied to the total value of all Coins on reels.

Bonus Game

Each Coin collects to the pot of the same colour above the reels. Every time coin collected there is a chance for Bonus Game to be triggered. There are 3 Bonus games: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Bronze Bonus game is played with the bronze coins.

The Silver Bonus game is played with the silver coins.

The Gold Bonus game is played with the golden coins.

Bonus Game Symbols

Antonius Multiplier symbols include a 1x-5x multiplier. The Bonus game starts with a 1x multiplier. The symbol is removed from the following Bonus spin.

Helena Extra Spin increases the reset value of the spins by 1. The symbol is removed from the following Bonus spin.

The Mystery symbol may appear in the Bonus game. The Mystery symbol reveals Antonius, Helena or a Coin symbol.

Jackpots: Mini, Major, Grand

The Mini Jackpot is awarded when 10 Coins land on the reels in any Bonus game. The Mini Jackpot award is 10x bet.

The Major Jackpot is awarded when 15 Coins land on the reels in any Bonus game. The Major Jackpot award is 50x bet.

The Grand Jackpot is awarded when 20 Coins land on the reels in any Bonus game. The Grand Jackpot award is 20000x bet.


Activating Boost increases win potential. The base game includes more Coins, with Silver and Gold appearing more frequently. The chance of triggering the Gold, Silver or Bronze Bonus game has increased.

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Rome Fight For Gold Deluxe

The Colosseum beckons the Great Antonius to return. Will you join the Champion of Champions again and brave the Arena once more?


The stakes are higher than ever, with enough gold coins to sink a fleet of ships up for grabs. More important than gold and glory, fight for the heart of the fair Helena, the beautiful Rose of Rome and Antonius’ beloved sweetheart. Retirement never suited the gallant gladiator anyway, and so, the sands have summoned him back to defend his honour and remind the people of Rome who the greatest gladiator truly is!


Show the crowds who’s boss in Rome Fight for Gold Deluxe™. Can you hear that? Is it Jupiter, the Roman God of Thunder, challenging you, fine warrior? Or is it the roar of the crowds filling out the stands! It is time for you find out, it’s time to Fight for Gold!

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