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Here at Foxium, we have been raising expectations for gameplay, audio-visual experience, and math excellence in slot games. From our studio in Tallinn, Estonia, our team of top creative talent design new experiences that captivate and engage players.


We believe in exceptionally crafted video slots with the great win potentials.

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recent releases

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We are proud to present Rome: Fight for Gold, a new game for slots players seeking glory. Loaded with prizes, Rome: Fight for Gold grants brave players ample opportunity to snatch up prizes. Players can revel on the reels with features like Coin Collect, Helena Extra Spins, Antonius Multipliers, and Boost!

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Fortune Pike Gold

Fortune Pike Gold is played on a 5x3 grid with a generous 20 pay lines to entice players. The game boasts an exciting subterranean setting, a glittering gold mine filled with nuggets of gold and crystals lining the cave walls and filling the play table. Players who want to indulge in exploration and adventure-themed games will eagerly dive into Fortune Pike Gold in search of treasure! Bursting with features, Fortune Pike Gold presents players with fun new ways to win. With the help of the main protagonist, Lucky Dinky the dwarf, players can enjoy Lucky Dinky Random Wilds, Lucky Dinky Cart Rides, Free Spins, and the fun bonus game, Dynamite Rush. 

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