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Here at Foxium, we have been raising expectations for gameplay, audio-visual experience, and math excellence in slot games. From our studio in Tallinn, Estonia, our team of top creative talent design new experiences that captivate and engage players.


We believe in exceptionally crafted video slots with the great win potentials.


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A warband of three Cossack heroes enters the dark forest, seeking revenge on the corrupted animals that have haunted their village. Join their raiding party in search of honour and adventure, step into the jaws of death, and emerge carrying the spoils of the hunt in Cossacks: The Wild Hunt.

A story-driven experience, with production values and voice talent that rival the best in videogames, Cossacks: The Wild Hunt is unlike any other slot game. Roman, the leader of the warband, is out to avenge his brother.

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God of seas

Dip your toes into the enchanting, underwater world of God of Seas - Triton’s Fortune. Here, beneath the waves, the king of the seas and his daughters preside over untold riches: chests, amphoras, and pearls, all waiting on the seabed for the boldest treasure hunters to bring home.

Among the fallen pillars of a forgotten civilisation, King Triton has patiently waited for players who are willing to test their luck with a little legendary help. Find symbols steeped in Greek myth, and seek Triton’s fortune as you aim for direct cash prizes – the biggest of which is the real bounty of the seas: 2,000X times your bet.


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