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A pot of gold will randomly appear and add 3 - 12 Wilds to the reels. The feature is active in base game.


Land a Stumpy Treasure symbol on reel 5, to win 1 - 100x your bet! The Stumpy Treasure award is added to base game wins.


Land 2 Scatters to collect a Cauldron. No Cauldron is awarded for 3 landed Scatter symbols. Collect Cauldrons to increase the number of Free Spins. Maximum 16 Cauldrons could be collected.
Collected Cauldrons are stored per bet amount.


Land 3 Scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4 to trigger Free Spins.
The number of Free Spins awarded is dependent on the number of Cauldrons collected.
6 Free Spins awarded if no Cauldrons are collected.
1 Cauldron awards 8 Free Spins.
4 Cauldrons award 10 Free Spins.
8 Cauldrons award 12 Free Spins.
12 Cauldrons award 15 Free Spins.
16 Cauldrons award 25 Free Spins.

Free Spins begin with 1 Wild on reels.
The Wild can change position on every spin.
Land a Wild Coin to get 2 extra Free Spins and increase size of the Wild

When a Wild grows to fill in the whole reel, it will become a Super Wild. Super Wild awards 5 of a kind Wild wins for the remaining Free Spins.


Stumpy McDoodleS 2

Stumpy McDoodles returns! Stumpy, along with his lovable wife Penny, are back for yet another magical adventure.

Stumpy McDoodles 2 is played on a 5x5 grid with a generous 40 pay lines, allowing players ample opportunity to make a variety of winning combinations and with a potential win of up to 11,600x the player’s bet value. The game boasts a bright and cheerful design that is sure to charm its lucky players. A jaunty background track lends the game a lively and uplifting buzz.

The game features several exciting features, like Stumpy Treasure with cash prizes, Stumpy Random Wilds, as well as Growing Wilds in Free Spins, and Cauldron Collection in the base game.

Stumpy Treasure is randomly triggered in the base game. The Chest symbol, which appears only on reel 5, will instantly grant players a prize with a value of 1-100x the initial bet value. Stumpy Random Wilds also appear in the base game, Stumpy’s pot of gold appears on the screen and will make 3 – 12 Wilds to appear at random positions on the reels.

Cauldron Collection is an interesting new feature of the game, allowing players to increase the max number of Free Spins they can accrue. Land 2 Scatters to collect a Cauldron. Collecting these Cauldrons allows players to increase their number of Free Spins. Cauldron Collect can stack up to 16 times, rewarding a total of up to 25 Free Spins.

Players that land 3 Scatters will trigger Free Spins. Growing Wilds appear in Free Spins and, with a little bit of luck and a pinch of magic, watch your Wild’s grow across the screen! As the Wild grows, an additional 2 Free Spins are awarded and when the Growing Wild fills the whole reel, it becomes a Super Wild which grants the player a lucrative pay out!

Stumpy McDoodles 2 invites players to try their luck in a fun new game with engaging features. Stumpy and Penny are sure to win the hearts of players with their roguish charm and mischievous smiles. There are plenty of adventures in store for this delightful couple and the players who join them in their leprechaun games.

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