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Land a Coin for a chance to increase your win! Coins appear on reels 1-4. When a Collect symbol lands onreel 5, the total value of all the Coins on the reels is awarded. A Collect symbol may include a 2x-5x multiplier. The multiplier is applied to the total value of all Coins on reels.


Land 3 Scatters to trigger the Bonus Feature. 3 Bonus spins are awarded. There are special bonus symbols for the Bonus feature. If a Bonus symbol appears, the spin left count is readjusted to the reset value. The initial reset value is 3. Bonus symbols are Coins, Antonius Multiplier, and Helena Extra Spin symbols. When a Coin lands it will remain in position until the end of the Bonus. Antonius Multiplier symbols may include a 1x-5x multiplier. Helena Extra Spin symbol increases the reset value of the spins by 1.


Activating the Boost increases win potential. The base game offers more Coins, bigger average Coin rewards, and multipliers for Collect Symbols. The chance of landing Antonius Multiplier and Helena Extra Spin symbols in the Bonus is increased. The total bet is increased by 50%.

Rome: Fight for gold

The sun beats down upon the glorious Great Roman Empire and its legions of leather-clad soldiers. Will you join the brave Antonius and fight to claim the finest treasures Rome has to offer? 

Famed for his strength and bravery in battle, the mighty Antonius joins you in a conquest for gold and glory. Only the most gifted gladiators will be able to plunder Rome’s great spoils, and luckily for you, Rome’s very finest warrior stands by your side. 

With your companion Antonius, and the fair Helena to help guide you, nothing can stop your conquest. Collect riches that would rival Abundantia, the Roman Goddess of abundance and wealth. 

Join the brave Antonius and the beautiful Helena in the stands of the great Colosseum. Unleash your inner warrior upon the reels in Rome: Fight for Gold. Emerge a victorious gladiator or indulge in flights of fancy with the God of Revelry, Bacchus! Are you ready to Fight for Gold?

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