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There are 3 unique features in the base game

Three random Wilds may appear during the base game if the player collects enough masks. Monkey Head needs to be collected to trigger Bonus Games. In addition to random Wilds and Golden Monkey Masks collection, there is also a re-spin feature.

Free Spins

There are two different Free Spins games with unique features in each. The “Wild Hunter” 5x Free Spin with the Tall Wilds. During Free Spins Tall Wild Hunter symbol could appear on a leftmost or rightmost reel, replacing any of the symbols for winning combination.

The “Monkey Fortune” 8x Free Spins. Before each spin, Wild Symbol weight (hit frequency) is increased for each reel. By the end of free spins feature each reel might have Wild symbol weight increased for up to 8 times. In addition, the player might win Extra Free Spins with Lucky Coin Symbol. Each Symbol adds +1 to Free Spins, the symbol can appear on any reel.

Pick-me Bonus game

The player needs to pick any of the tiles of the 5×4 board until 2 “End of Game” tiles is opened. For any 2 matched tiles opened player awarded with money prize listed on the tile.

Wheel of the fortune Bonus game

The player spins the wheel. A Wheel has two levels. On first levels there are credits. On second multipliers. The outer level will stop first, a value that appears behind the top pointer will be used for a multiplier. After inner level stops, multiplier value appeared under the top pointer will be applied for calculation of result award.


a jungle adventure

The story begins in 1936. A young adventurer girl has undertaken her first expedition to the distant jungles of the Amazon in search of lost treasures and new discoveries. But she was not alone on this journey.


To her surprise, a sneaky hunter finds out of her plans and followed in a ploy to steal away all her treasures.  Help her collect a folden mask on her journey to unlock well-hidden treasures.

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