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FruitZ offers a 5×3 slot game mechanic with an innovative look that removes the need for traditional reels.

The game is feature-rich with four bonus games and a leveling RTP system that rewards longer play sessions. There are 32 cards to collect which impacts the RTP across eight cards “collections”, with each card raising the RTP by 0.5%.

The theme taps into the popular Plant Vs Zombie trend, with 3D cartoon animated graphics. The well-conceived storyline focuses on a farm girl, “Joi” and her mission to stop the spread of fruits turning to Zombies following a toxic meteor crash close to the farm.

The interactive bonus games include two “pick me” scenarios, where players either shoot crates or jars of fruit to reveal winnings and a multiplier. The pick me games are complemented by two free spin bonus games. A random wild and a locked wild free spins.


Fruitz story

Joy needs your help! One lovely summer day In a strange-looking meteor from out of space crashed near the Joy’s Farm.


Turns out that the meteor was filled with toxic blue goo that spread out over the Plants and turned them into zombies.


The Farm owner, a girl named “Joy”, decided to fight the evil plants and save the farm. She grabs her shotgun and runs out to fight the evil FruitZ.

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