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When a Collect symbol lands on reel 5, the total value of all the Money Gem symbols on the reels is awarded. Blue Money Gem awards 1 - 9x bet. Violet Money Gem awards 10x, 12x, 15x, or 20x bet. Red Money Gem awards 25x, 30x, 40x or 50x bet. A Collect symbol may include a 2 - 5x multiplier.


3 Scatters trigger the Bonus feature. 3 Bonus spins are awarded as the starting value. There are special Bonus symbols for the Bonus feature. If a Bonus symbol appears the spin left count is reset to the starting value.

Bonus symbols are Money Gem, Albini Multiplier, and Lily Extra Spin symbols. 

Blue Money Gem awards 1 - 5x bet. Violet Money Gem awards 10x or 20x bet. Red Money Gem awards 50x bet.

When a Money Gem symbol lands it will remain in position until the end of the Bonus. Albini Multiplier symbols may include a 1 – 5x multiplier. This value is added to the current multiplier of the Bonus feature. The Bonus feature starts with a 1x multiplier.

Albini Multiplier symbols are removed from the following Bonus spin. Lily Extra Spin symbol increases the starting value of the spins left to count by 1.  Lily Extra Spin symbols are removed from the following Bonus spin.


The Grand Prize is awarded when 20 Money Gem symbols land on the reels.


Activating the Boost increases win potential. Additional Money Gems and Collect symbols are added to the base game. The odds for bigger Money Gem values in the base game and Bonus are increased. The chance of landing Albini Multiplier and Lily Extra Spin symbols in the Bonus is increased. The total bet is increased by 50%.


The Great Albini 2

The world-renowned magician, the Great Albini returns! After a spell-binding and mind-bending tour all across the world, the Great Magician and his stunning co-star Lily vanished, the very same way they’d made their first great entrance; in a puff of purple smoke! The world wondered, “where-o-where has the Great Albini gone?” and “will he ever return?”

When posters for The Great Albini’s Spectacular Show appeared, out of thin air no less, excitement began to grow, but so too did doubt. Surely, this was just some elaborate prank by punks! Was the Great Albini really making his return? Those who believed in magic had faith that he would indeed return.

Night falls and the audience nestles into their seats, having hushed conversations in the dim theatre which
buzzes with excitement, or perhaps it’s magic… The door swings closed behind them, the couple sitting closest to the door leap out of their chairs in fright as all attention turns to the back of the theatre. Suddenly a cry erupts from the front. “Here’s here! It’s him!”

The lights on stage flicker dimly, just bright enough to see thick curls of yellow smoke crawl across the stage, then, in a clap of thunder and a bright flash, the Great Albini appears with his arms outstretched and a grin on his face. Lily appears next, coming in from stage-left, twirling across the creaky floorboards, the stage lights make her jewels, and her smile sparkle even brighter.

The Great Albini clears his throat and the audience falls silent in awe. With three taps of his cane and a cheeky wink from Lily, the show begins with the promise of all kinds of new splendiferous spells and stunts. This will be a magical night you won’t forget.

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