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Boom feature

The base game starts with the Base Grid, creating a 5×4 1,024-ways-to-win game. On every spin, there is a chance for the Boom Pirates feature to occur. This expands the reels from a 5x4 grid to a 6x9 grid for the win evaluation with ways-to-win up to 10,077,696. If the feature has been triggered we expand the reels to a 6x9 grid for the win evaluation which will improve the player's payout. If the game pay cannot be improved, the feature is skipped.

free spins

Three scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins. Initially, 10 Free Spins are awarded. During Free Spins, the whole 9x6 grid is evaluated for a win on every spin. 5 Extra Free Spins are awarded if 3 scatter symbols appear on the reels during Free Spins.

buy a feature

Buy a feature that allows the player to bypass the game spins and jump directly in too the free spin game.


By paying an additional fee: 50% of the casual bet, the player can increase the chances to trigger Mystery of Horus feature and Free Spins. Additional fee for the Foxify® subtracted from the bet before payouts calculation. Foxify® could be applied for the Base game only. The feature will be automatically deactivated when Free Spins are triggered.


boom pirates featuring wonderways™

From a single block (defined as the space one symbol occupies on any reel) to a span of multiple blocks, WonderWaysTM allows for bonus features to unlock and make realtime changes to one or more reels, vastly increasing the win potential of a single spin.

For players, WonderWays™ will operate seamlessly in the background and can increase the number of ways to win in a single spin from the thousands in the base game, to the millions or tens of millions in a bonus spin.


For Foxium’s developers, the mechanic allows for the quick incorporation of random modifiers that can expand the playing field vertically and horizontally at the same time.  With a robust inbuilt mathematics model, WonderWays™ can dramatically alter the gameplay experience of any game without bespoke work or a complex development environment.

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