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Sonic Respin

During Sonic Respins, which occur quite frequently, Lyra targets locked crystals type to free them from the crystal shields, while Erion attempts to lock down new symbols with a crystal shield. By playing scorching keytar riffs, Lyra can respin and attempt to break those shielded clusters for big wins – with the ceiling being a blistering payout of 15,000 times the player’s total bet.

Lyra Spirit Bonus

In the bonus game, Lyra’s stardust spirit form sprints from left to right across the screen, gathering gems, with three different lanes to choose from. To prevent her escaping, Erion raises crystal barriers, and the player must guess correctly which lanes will allow them to dodge the obstacles and reach the next stage. With a pool of three lives, players who successfully traverse all six stages will win x20 times their total bet, as well as any gems they have collected during the run. After all, a pop star still has to get paid!

Wild Multipliers

The Multiplier Wild symbols may land only in special 3 red cells. The Multiplier Wild symbol can substitute any symbol. Any win which uses a Multiplier Wild has its payout multiplied by a random multiplier from X2 to X5. Multiplier values are added together if the win cluster has more the one Multiplier Wild symbol.


Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion

Saving the galaxy and playing groovy synthfunk? All in a day’s work for Lyra, frontwoman for space-age megastars The Astro Legends. Her beats and basslines are a big hit with interstellar audiences, but Lyra also has star power in a literal sense: she’s perhaps the last of a race of shape-shifting musical guardians called starchildren.

Their world, Oratorio, is now a frozen ruin, but rumors float between solar systems that the legendary peacekeepers are still out there, quietly using their powers to fight oppression, and even reshape entire planets with musical energy. So it’s no coincidence that when Lyra and The Astro Legends put on a show, planetary problems get solved in the process. She’s fixed climate change by entertaining a group of sentient gas clouds. She’s taken on her wolf spirit form and convinced a conquering race of canines to free their prisoners of war.

But today Lyra faces her toughest challenge yet: an eccentric artificial intelligence with a taste for synthfunk, and a lot of time on his hands. Flying solo to a rehearsal with her bandmates, Lyra picks up a distress call from Libretto, an abandoned planet near the old intergalactic shipping lanes. Landing on the surface, Lyra discovers that Libretto, once a bustling trade hub, is now home to just one being – an A.I. called Erion.

Originally part of a vast network of A.I.s who served as gatekeepers of galactic trade, Erion has been alone for centuries. Faster-than-light travel made the old freight lines obsolete, leaving him with just radio waves and music broadcast between galaxies to keep his vast intellect occupied. So, when the frontwoman of his favorite band answers his beacon, Erion can’t resist the chance to commission a private concert.

The only problem? Erion is immortal, so this show looks like it might carry on forever… and Lyra has other places to be! To escape, Lyra needs to keep Erion entertained at the same time as harvesting enough stardust to transform into her wolf form and sprint away across the planet’s surface. And if she happens to collect some of the valuable gems left behind by traders over hundreds of years, all the better… a popstar has to get paid, after all!

But Erion will do almost anything to keep Lyra planet-side – and he has more than a couple of crystalline tricks up his sleeve. Become an honorary Astro Legend, help Lyra escape the surface of Libretto, and above all, get ready for the gig of a galactic lifetime!

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