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Bubble Bang

Catch the Golden Fish in a bubble anywhere on the reels to trigger the Bubble Bang bonus game.

The bubble can appear on any symbol in the base game.

Bang the bubbles and collect fish in the bonus game to win the Jackpot prize.

Mini Jackpot awards 15x bet.

Minor Jackpot awards 40x bet.

Major Jackpot awards 500x bet.

Grand Jackpot awards 5000x bet.

Coin Collect

Each reel has a Coin meter above the reel.

Each time a Coin lands on a reel, it is added to the coin meter above the reel.

Collect 4 Coins in a coin meter to trigger the Andvari Wild Reel feature on that reel.

Andvari Wild Reel

The Andvari Wild Reel feature makes all positions on a reel wild.

Wild reels are active for 4 wagered spins in the base game.

Free Spins

Land 3 Scatters in the base game to trigger 12 Free Spins.

Collect 4 Coins in a coin meter to trigger the Andvari Wild Reel feature on that reel.

During Free Spins, wild reels remain until the feature ends.

Free Spins Boost

Each time 2 Scatters land in the base game, it is added to the Free Spins Boost Meter.

Fill the Free Spins Boost Meter to boost the next Free Spins game.

Land 3 Boosted Scatters in the base game to trigger 12 Boosted Free Spins.

Boosted Free Spins start with up to 2 random Andvari Wild Reels.

Spin the multiplier wheel to win a 2x - 10x Free Spins multiplier.

Buy Feature

Press 'Buy' in the base game to enter the Game Shop.

Press 'Buy Now' to purchase the feature at the price displayed.

Gamble Feature

Press "Gamble" to gamble for a chance to trigger the Free Spins. Increase or decrease your chances of a gamble win.

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andvari: the golden fish™

The brazen wind has faded away and the banners are raised. Wakey-wakey, today is the day to get lucky. Andvari has showered the gilded bubbles across the realms.

Pack your bags and buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime! You bet there is nothing fishy about this endeavour, since Andvari had already managed to enchant the rivers with his glistening bubbles. Delve into ANDVARI THE GOLDEN FISH™ right away while fortune favours the brave!

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