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The Agnes Coins can award cash prizes! Land a Collect symbol on the Extra Reel to win the associated
Cash Prize.

  • Win up to 2000X bet

  • Mini Jackpot awards 25 times bet

  • Minor Jackpot awards 100 times bet

  • Major Jackpot awards 500 times bet

  • Grand Jackpot awards 2000 times bet.


The Toxic Mutation can trigger on any spin. The Toxic Fog randomly shuffles the reels to create winning combinations.


Agnes can randomly appear in front of reels. On her arrival, an Embryo symbol may appear on the Extra Reel. Land an Embryo symbol on the Extra Reel to trigger the Walking Wild Lab Respins feature.
The Embryo symbol on the Extra Reel turns the reel below into the Walking Wild. The Walking Wild has all positions on the reel wild. The Walking Wild shifts 1 reel position left on each spin.

  • Walking Wild Lab Respins are free spins.

  • Land the Embryo symbol on the Extra Reel above the Walking Wild to increase the win multiplier by 1.

  • The wild reel win multiplier started with 1.

  • The maximum win multiplier is 5.

  • The Wal king Wild Lab Respins feature is completed when the last Walking Wild reaches the 
    Walking Wild will disappear after a spin is made. leftmost reel.

  • Collect and Agnes Coin symbols do not appear during Walking Wild Lab Respins.

Agnes Mission: Wild Lab

Grab your laser gun and get ready for a dangerous space-age adventure! Agnes is on an important mission, the fate of an entire alien species depends on her!

Join Agnes the alien as she skulks through the science lab in search of her prize, alien embryo tanks! If you can help Agnes find and collect these alien embryos and coins, you’re bound to receive all kinds of wonderful rewards (not to mention a fuzzy feeling in your chest after a job well done!) Beware of scientists and special agents firing laser guns at you, not to mention the toxic fog leaking from the labs!

If you like your adventures to be totally out of this world, Agnes Mission is just for you! Enjoy the super slick high-tech tools, the sparkle of stars and space debris, and the slippery slimy feeling of space-goo between your toes!

If you’re brave enough, put on your space suit, and get ready for an incredible mission. The fate of Agnes coins and the alien embryos is in your hands, blast off into interstellar adventure right now in Agnes Mis
sion: Wild Lab.

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