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Adelia’s Fortune Respin

Whenever the stack of Multiplier Wilds lands 3×1 on the 3rd reel, the Respin feature is triggered. The player is awarded a Respin with all of the Multiplier Wilds locked in place. If the player wins, they are granted another Respin, and so on.


The feature does not end until he has a non-winning spin. The Respin also offers random Multipliers of up to 5x.

Free Spins

Free Spins add even more intense excitement, especially since they also carry upgraded Multipliers of up to 5x. Collect coins for the treasure chest on the top left-hand side of the screen, and upgrade to a higher level, with improved payouts.

The coins appear randomly in satchel symbols during the Free Spins round and are added to the chest. The process is repeated and players can move up yet again, once the treasure chest is filled with three gold coins.


Adelia The Fortune Wielder

As the mist rises around the mystery fields of fortune, Adelia: clambers up the hill to the ruined remains of the long-forgotten and ancient monastery, where her destiny and fate await her. Our fortune wielder takes refuge in the ruined courtyard. A cloaked, and hooded statue seemed to be staring at her. Its blank and deathly face boring into her very soul.

Adelia will not relent in her quest for glory and everlasting fortune. Her master, the Sorcerer, has sent her on this noble search for treasure, this trial by fire, and believes in her magical powers. She will continue on her noble quest and the ultimate journey into the unknown. The ancient ruins seem to be drawing her closer to the core of creation. She has her spellcasting powers and will test her skills against powerful, supernatural enemies.

The Sorcerer’s apprentice has learned much from her departed master. Adelia has become a fortune wielder herself. She fears not to die in battle. The mystery fields and ancient ruins are where the final battle for salvation will be fought; this is where Adelia faces her destiny and the evil, dreaded fortune fields, where there can be only one winner. Follow Adelia on her journey through ancient, mountaintop ruins in search of the ultimate reward; untold riches, and immortality.

The Trials for Treasure are about to begin.

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