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Mystery of Horus

On any spin, the Mystery of Horus feature can be activated. The Eye of Horus symbol can land on any 2 or 3 adjacent reels and fill the entire reel. The Eye of Horus symbols will be replaced with a random symbol. The Eye of Horus symbols can reveal any symbol except Scatter symbols.

wrath of Anubis

During Free Spins the god Anubis can award 3 extra spins and remove the lowest-value symbol from the reels until all Free Spins have been exhausted or all low-paying symbols have been removed. Maximum 12 extra spins could be awarded. The Mystery of the Horus feature will be activated on every spin in Free Spins. Free Spins are played at the triggering bet.

gift of Bastet

The Gift of Bastet feature can be triggered in the base game on any non-winning spin. The goddess Bastet can randomly shuffle the reels in your favor and create a winning combination.

buy a feature

Buy a feature that allows the player to bypass the game spins and jump directly in too the free spin game.


By paying an additional fee: 50% of the casual bet, the player can increase the chances to trigger Mystery of Horus feature and Free Spins. Additional fee for the Foxify® subtracted from the bet before payouts calculation. Foxify® could be applied for the Base game only. The feature will be automatically deactivated when Free Spins are triggered.



The Jackpot bonus may be awarded in the base game. On any spin in the base game, a stack of coins may appear somewhere on the reels. With every coin collected there is a chance to trigger the Jackpot Bonus game. In the Jackpot bonus game, three columns of scratchable boxes – left, middle, and right – align with three ascending jackpots: Mini, Midi, and Maxi. The Mini jackpot awards 50× bet in the round that activates the Jackpot bonus, the Midi awards 500× bet and the Maxi awards 5000× bet.


The Jackpot bonus game is played at the triggering bet.

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